[TRX] First four days of TRON's indepedence - lets have a look at stats  (Przeczytany 2038 razy)

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TRON Independence was achieved 4 days ago - at the 25th of June.
TRON blockchain network starts flexing its muscles. Even when taking into consideration that not every TRX holder is yet able to actually pariticipate in network, those 4 days statistics are looking quite nice.
NOTE: The stats could be radically different very soon!

Token swap and exchanges responsible for TRX ERC20 => TRX swap
Out of 50 crypto exchanges oficially supporting TRON token SWAP, only 2 of them allowed users to withdraw their funds. , the one responsible for nearly 19 billion TRX coins (1/5 of TRX total supply) is still doing some stress and security tests to ensure that everything will go smooth and well.

Super Representatives - the most vital part of the TRX blockchain network.
  • There are 46 registered Super Representatives candidates - 73 when counting Guardian Representatives.
  • Each and every candidate had to pay 9999 TRX fee to register. This sums to 459 954 TRX already spent by SR candidates on their elections (~17,7k USD).
  • Only two candidates earned enough votes (100 million TRX Tron Points) to replace #1 and #2 Guardian Representatives and start producing blocks. The first one is Skypeople while second is CryptoDiva.
Blocks - lots of blocks.
TRON SRs and GRs are producing blocks every 3 seconds.
  • There are already 107600 blocks produced by both GRs and SRs.
  • CryptoDiva SR produced 2200 blocks, each worth 32 TRX while Skypeople SR 1130. Summing this up, those SRs already have gained 106 560 TRX combined as a reward for producing blocks (~4,2k USD).
  • GRs are not being paid for producing blocks. They're only a placeholders waiting to be replaced by SRs.
General network statistics
  • There are already 9440 transactions initiated by 2961 users.
  • Among these users there are those who created 18 tokens on TRONs network. Each issuance generated a cost of 1024 TRX fee.
  • There are 607 deployed nodes.
Other statistics
  • TRONScan Blockchain Explorer is available for users in 20 languages.
  • Android TRON Wallet was downloaded +5000 times
  • Chrome Addon TRON Wallet is being used by 1475 users
  • TRONScan Windows/Linux/MacOS Wallets combined were downloaded 350 times

Have you already withdrawed your TRX coins from an exchange? If so, go and read the "How to vote for Super Representative" guide and participate in SR elections!

Don't know who to vote yet? Consider reading this TRON Foundation post on Medium platform and consider casting your vote for <3 becometa (currently at #40) to participate in 30% rewards pool share and boost the TRON&Crypto awareness in Poland.