Binance adds option to buy crypto with Visa and Mastercard credit cards  (Przeczytany 1817 razy)

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Largest cryptocurrency exchange expands its business with option of buying cryptocurrencies directly with Visa and Mastercard credit cards.
Service is available starting from now and is brought thanks to the Binance recent partnership with Simplex.

Simplex is a fintech company that provides worldwide fraud-free payment processing. With a proven track record in high fraud markets, Simplex’s technology enables merchants, marketplaces and crypto platforms to process online payments with complete fraud protection and chargeback coverage.

What cryptocurrencies can be bought this way?
Initially, the service enables you to buy following cryptocurrencies:
(BTC), (ETH), (LTC) and (XRP).
For current Bitcoin price, check here.
Simplex also supports Dash and Bitcoin Cash, however, as of the date of publication, they cannot be purchased through the service available on Binance.

How to buy cryptocurrency on Binance using Visa or Mastercard?
1. Log in to your account or »» register ««
2. Head to the page
3. Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy
4. Enter the amount (Order Amount) or Base Chard in US dollars - $ (minimum $50)
5. Click on Buy now
6. Confirm transaction details, read and accept the terms of service
7. Click on Go to payment
8. Fill out the form with the required data: Name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth and billing address
9. Verify your email address by clicking on the link Simplex send you
10. Enter the 4-digit code sent to your phone number
11. Fill out the form with the card details: Name, surname, card number, expiry date and CVV2 code (3 digits written on the back of the card)
12. Wait for verification
13. Ready! If everything's okay, on average after 10-30 minutes the cryptocurrencies you've just bought will become visible in the Balances section of your Binance account

» What are the fees?
3.5% of the total transaction value, but not less than $10.

» Is it necessary to perform an Binance account verification (KYC) to use the service?
No, however, Simplex reserves the right to reject the transaction if the card provided by the user is blacklisted.

» What is the base charge currency for the payment?
$ - USD or € - EUR

» Are there any restricted countries to use this service?
Yes, citizens of: Afghanistan, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Kinshasa), Cuba, Republic of Korea, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Cote d'Ivoire, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, South Sudan, Sudan
For the United States, the following states are excluded: New York (NY), Georgia (GA), Connecticut (CT), New Mexico (NM), Hawaii (HI), Washington (WA)

» What are the transaction limits?
Daily limit per user: $ 20,000
Monthly limit per user: $ 50,000
Minimum transaction value: $ 50

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