[TRX] We have first SR who replaced GR at #1. It's CryptoDiva  (Przeczytany 3663 razy)

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CryptoDiva.io - blockchain capital group as a first Super Representatives candidate gained at least 100 million TRX votes and replaced Guardian Representative (GR) at place #1.

Around 1:30 PM (CEST) CryptoDiva gained a 119 999 998 TRX vote from address TEqNqYVnGdkPFWUvAL1WEc6M7AJ1tejoej and later, around 8 PM (CEST) gained another +6 million TRX vote from address TH7sdyBfYKm8HHja99HJFMSwfW6d3qSdpv. Those 2 votes made it possible to gain #1 seat as a Super Representative that is securing the TRON blockchain network.

CryptoDiva consists of 5 members:
- Lina Armani, registered financial planner, partner of Paretone Capital
- Yimin Shi, software developer, author of "Guide to Blockchain Programming"
- Bob Chen, independent technical advisor,
- Eric Zhao, evelopment engineer at Ant Financial Services Group
- Ben Liu, development engineer at Tencent

CryptoDiva advertises itself as follows:
Our members have participated in a number of major projects, such as the early-stage investment, quantitative product release, trading platform construction and pool fund of TRON. CryptoDiva is a competitive candidate for TRON Super Representative. We plan to use TRON protocol after projects like digital currency quantitative trading pool and ABS trading platform for physical assets are launched on Tron’s public blockchain main net.
CryptoDiva is also developing its own public chain – capital management chain and program trading platform. Replying on its years’ worth experience in encrypted currency market transaction and project partners, CryptoDiva is to offer safe technologies and standard procedures for the investment and financing of encrypted currencies.

The second non Guardian Representative placed #28 seat at the time of writing this article has 40,103,538 votes.
To this day CryptoDiva hasn't published their community growth/support plan nor filled their "candidate" page.

Currently, only a few exchanges of all 50 that supported the TRX token swap allowed their users to withdraw their TRX.
The increase in voting dynamics is set to come soon. Be prepared.

<3 As soon as binance allows tokens withdrawed to their users, becometa will submit his candidacy.
By voting on becometayou will take part in the 30% reward pool share, help developing Kryptowaluty.org.pl forums and also support the promotion of cryptocurrencies and TRX in Poland.

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